Business Valuation

Understanding the value of your business can be a treacherous and tricky road to travel. Lack of substantive information can be particularly damaging when negotiating to sell a business, merging with another company, or establishing a strategic alliance. Assumptions about external market conditions, internal growth rates, operating and administrative cost assumptions, discount rates, and the competitive life span of the business can dramatically impact the value of the business. Our goal is to help clients not just get a dollar value for their business, but to help them understand the components that individually impact the ultimate net worth of the company.

Our Business Valuation services entail a comprehensive review of the business and the surrounding marketplace, and feature:

  • Review of external market dynamics to realistically understand growth dynamics.

  • An in depth assessment of the current cost structure, and an evaluation of potential cost improvement initiatives that could yield increased value for the company.

  • Sensitivity analysis examining how the value of the company is impacted by changes in key assumptions by our business consultants.

  • A review of potential buyers for the business, and an opinion related to synergies these buyers might realize from the purchase.

  • An assessment of potential roadblocks that might prevent closing a deal.