Executive Coaching

At Red Hill Advisors, we work with executives to help them unlock the power of the team.

Almost every company acknowledges that “people are our most important asset” and strives to have top performers in every level of the organization. Yet studies and practical experience clearly demonstrate that all too frequently, individuals do not reach their full potential in an organization. The difference between results delivered by individuals working independently and team members working cohesively is dramatic. Supervisors frequently complain about the lack of teamwork in their organization, but the interesting paradox is that most employees long to work in a fully functioning environment of cooperation and teamwork!

Financial statements are a mystery to most managers, with the accounting department utilized as an indispensable translator of profit and loss statements. As Jason Jennings observes in Less is More, “Most companies have too many people shuffling papers and entering transactions that in turn create reams of meaningless reports and documents, crammed with data useful primarily to defend past decisions instead of guiding future ones.” This lack of clarity with respect to financial performance is not helpful – at Red Hill Advisors, we believe that team members from every level of the organization need to understand how their job specifically impacts financial performance. Most front-line employees want to do a great job every day.

Most supervisors are frustrated by the commitment and performance delivered by their front-line employees. How can these two common perceptions be held at the same time at most companies? At Red Hill Advisors, we believe that the power of the team can be unlocked utilizing some basic principles.