Merger Integration

It is well documented that most mergers and acquisitions ultimately do not realize the full potential value envisioned at the closing of the deal. One fundamental reason for this lack of realized value is that the focus placed on post-merger integration is trivial compared to the tremendous time, energy, and effort placed by a company in due diligence. Integration efforts also often lack formal leadership or have leadership with limited experience in leading an organization through the tremendous complexities inherent in any merger or acquisition. Companies can significantly improve the probability of realizing full value from an acquisition by utilizing a proven post-merger integration process.

Our Merger Integration services begin with a detailed review and assessment of assets and processes utilized by all the business units involved in the transaction. Following this assessment, Red Hill Advisors works with clients to:

  • Define a detailed profit potential target based upon realization of all synergies from the acquisition, including proceeds from immediate asset divestiture,

  • Establish processes and systems that are redefined for all business units based upon industry best practices,

  • Establish a revised organizational structure with redefined job descriptions,

  • Create and monitor an extensive communication strategy designed to minimize employee confusion,

  • Execute a detailed implementation plan with critical milestones established for ninety days, six months, and one year.