Sales Insight

Red Hill Advisors' Sales Insight will help your company proactively select the most profitable jobs that maximize total net income for your current asset base in context of the long-term strategic vision.The Red Hill Advisors Sales Process is grouped into four major areas of interest: Market Analysis, Sales Pipeline, Pricing, and Sales Forecasting.

Market Analysis

  • Develop a Competitive Intelligence system to efficiently assess known competitors and identify new threats.

  • Identify the market segments representing the greatest opportunity for your firm.

Sales Pipeline

  • Predict and proactively exploit trends in the market prior to competitors.

  • Exploit competitive intelligence to maximize profit on individual projects.


  • Obtain premium price relative to the competition.

  • Maintain consistent and stable pricing practices from every member of the sales team.

Sales Forecasting

  • Estimate future volumes by key criteria such as Sales Professional, Market Segment, and Sub-Segment.

  • Predict future month volume to 5% accuracy.